Das neueste Werk "FEDERFALL", der beiden Berliner Jimmy&Wenzel

ist ein sehr zu empfehlendes Deep House Album für Liebhaber des Sounddetails, sowie der elektronischen und akkustischen Musik. Atmosphärische Klänge, drückende Subbässe und diverse liebevoll selbst eingespielte Instrumente / Synthesizer fühlen sich hier zu Hause.


The new Album "Federfall" is made by Jimmy&Wenzel. With these album they turn over to the next leave after their first album "Rambeln". They especially create this album for people wich are related to Deep House and also any other kinds of electronic music. These guys like to discover new ways to combine EDM with natural instruments and acoustic sounds. Your ears can travel to unknown regions and explore a lot of sound details, heartful played synths and danceable rhythms wich will rock your socks off.






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click on the picture to download the album for free
click on the picture to download the album for free

01 Intro   
02 Rambeln   
03 Bogma  
04 Razor   
05 Hall Of OH  
06 Free Crowd  
07 Nautilus  
08 Kaffeetanz   

09 Lay On Ya   
10 Subkultur                                          
11 Mirius                                                
12 Elle                                                   
13 Moving Nations                                
14 Outro                                                
15 Rambeln - Hard and Holy (Remix)   
16 Rambeln - Weisses Licht (Remix)    
17 Unique - feat. Djahni J.o.k.o 
release date 01/03/2013




01 Gio Banez

02 Hall Of OH!

03 I'm From A Nother Planet

04 Get Our Food

05 Free Crowd

06 I'm From A Nother Planet (Christopher Kono Remix)

07 Free Crowd (Christopher Kono Remix)


release date 25/03/2012